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Amuse Sunset Restaurant

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Bucutiweg 50,
Tel.: 5869949

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The name “amuse” comes from the French tradition of chefs offering an “amuse bouche”- which means to please the mouth – of little creative bits of fare not on the menu to their guests to show off their culinary skills. What began as small bites and small plates paired with fines wines in Amuse Bistro’s original restaurant on busy Palm Beach at Playa Linda’s evolved to larger plates and full surprise menus. Chef Patrick found that their guests enjoyed his creative whimsy and were happy to have him choose for them, so the surprise menu (carte blanche) was introduced as daily three or five-course options, also available paired with wines.

But though they were delighted that their spot became so popular so quickly after its opening in 2010, they also quickly discovered that it was too small to accommodate the demand and had to turn away many eager visitors, plus they wanted a location more conducive to romance. So, when the old Aruba Ville property became available just behind the airport on its own lovely little beach, they jumped at the chance to reinvent the restaurant on a more romantic theme.

The new location also affords some of the most spectacular sunsets over the sea on the island, so they also changed the name to reflect that. Today, Chef Patrick and his wife maitre’d and sommelier Ivette are eager to welcome you to their new culinary experience on the sea. They are certain that the new oasis will garner as many top awards and high ratings on TripAdvisor as their former Palm Beach location did over the past few years.


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